Special 2020 Junior Summer Camp COVID-19 Protocols

Parents can review the CT Office of Early Childhood website covering youth camp operations and we can provide additional information upon request.

  • Drop off – Campers and 1 parent or guardian may enter GQ wearing a mask and turn right through the lobby and go to the waiting area on the outside deck.
  • Campers wait on the deck until the camp starts and parents leave through the exit gate at the end of the putting green.
  • Once all the campers are checked in, everyone will be directed to the area on the tee line for the exclusive use of campers where there will be sufficient social distancing space to allow masks to be removed.  Campers need to keep a safe distance from each other and instructors.
  • If campers have their own clubs, please bring them, and do not share with other golfers.  If campers borrow ours, they will be sanitized beforehand and may be used only by that camper.
  • A couple daily 15-minute breaks will be in the conference room on the second floor which is set aside for campers only.  Chairs and tables have been sanitized before each day’s use and spaced appropriately.
  • Campers who wish to use the bathroom or the vending machines on the first floor may go 1 at a time and utilize masks any time they are in the lobby.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available and encouraged to use.
  • Pick-up will be at the exit gate at the end of the putting green that the parents used to exit from.
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